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Cabinet Refinishing and Painting in Indianapolis

If your cabinets are looking worse for wear but you’re dreading a full cabinet remodel, then you can save both time and money with cabinet refinishing by Two Coats Painting. This is where a professional painter restores the look of your existing cabinets by repairing surface damage, upgrading hardware, and applying a new coat of finish or paint. Cabinet refinishing is a popular alternative to full cabinet replacements because the service is typically cheaper, quicker, and yields the same beautiful results. 


We offer several options for cabinet refinishing in Indianapolis. We can either paint your cabinets in place or remove them and paint them elsewhere. The right option for you depends on how damaged your cabinets are, and if you’re pairing your cabinet refinishing with other kitchen remodeling services like updating the floorplan. Typically, refinishing cabinets in Indianapolis takes anywhere from a couple of days to one week. However, every project is different, and we’ll let you know what timeline you can expect for your cabinet project. 

How Much Does Cabinet Refinishing Cost in Indianapolis?

There are a few factors to consider when determining the price of cabinet refinishing and interior painting services. The biggest factor is the size of your cabinets, including the number of drawers and doors you want to have refinished. Other factors to consider are your choice of paint or stain and the specific kind of hardware. 

Cabinet Refinishing

If your cabinets are due for a refresh, you can avoid the high price tag of a complete replacement with cabinet refinishing by Two Coats Painting. Over time, it’s common for cabinets to develop issues like chips, scratches, peeling paint, and cloudy finish. However, that doesn’t mean the cabinet itself is a lost cause. We can revitalize your old cabinets by repairing surface-level damage and applying a new coat of paint or finish. We can also upgrade your old hardware with new hinges and knobs in your choice of metal. The end result is cabinets that look and feel brand new without the hefty price tag! 

Cabinet Painting

We can easily freshen up the appearance of your cabinets with a new coat of paint or stain. Stain comes in a variety of shades but is transparent enough to showcase the natural grain and texture of your wooden cabinets. Paint is available in a nearly endless variety of colors and will make your cabinets “pop!” Our color consultants would be happy to help you choose the right option for getting the look you’re aiming for. 

Two Coats Painting’s Kitchen Cabinet Restoration & Painting Process

Every cabinet refinishing project is unique, and our process will naturally vary somewhat depending on your particular cabinets. Size, age, and material are just a few of the many factors we take into consideration when planning your project. We put together the section below to give you a high-level overview of what to expect when having your cabinets refaced by Two Coats Painting.

  • Remove cabinet doors and hardware
  • Sand and prepare the surfaces 
  • Apply your choice of paint or stain to the doors
  • Apply additional paint or stain to cabinet boxes
  • Put cabinets back together 
  • Install your choice of hardware 

Let Two Coats Painting Upgrade Your Kitchen Today!

When the time comes to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, Two Coats Painting will send out one of our expert cabinet refinishers in Indianapolis to discuss your project and assess your cabinets in person. We’ll put together a detailed project plan for achieving your cabinet remodeling goals with respect to your timeline and budget. We want to take the stress out of cabinet refinishing, and instead give you a streamlined avenue to like-new cabinets. 

We furnish free consultations and price estimates for cabinet refinishing and repainting in Indianapolis. To get yours, simply call us at 317-966-6061 or submit the quick form on our website.

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